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Scheduling changes occasionally occur in order to properly care for all clients.

Should this occur, you will be contacted with as much advanced notice as possible. 

Credit card information is taken when scheduling to be used only in the event of a NO CALL/NO SHOW,  LATE CANCELLATION / RESCHEDULE or gift certificate purchase. This information is confidential and cannot be viewed by @ems_embellishments and will not be shared with any entity.

Your card will NOT be charged unless your are purchasing a gift certificate or regarding the above policies. All other payments will be due at time of service with acceptable payment options. ( Cash, Card, Venmo, Apple Pay, etc.) 

Same day appointments must be booked directly with me. Please text me to book. 

You may select more than one service for each appointment.

*** Please add additional time for art  and nail fix services if desired/needed during your appointment.

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